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JAMARDA Resources, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is privately owned and operated. Our mission is to promote competency related to diversity and cultural care in healthcare organizations. We strive to accomplish this through the provision of education and training for health care providers that is based on scholarly evidence, research, and diverse interpersonal experiences. Overall, o  Our vision is that health care providers, will be prepared to competently interact with and care for persons of diverse values, practices, lifeways, and traditions.

We are dedicated to facilitating the development of intellectual and practical skills among health care providers that promote a broadened mindfulness of self, enlightenment concerning the value of differences, and understanding of diversity and transcultural principles.

About Janice D. Andrews

Janice D. Andrews began her nursing career in the maternal-child area as a staff nurse in Washington, DC where she was challenged to provide care to the culturally diverse people who make up that city’s population. While maintaining her maternal-child focus, her interest in diversity continued and led to the authorship of the first edition of the Cultural, Ethnic and Religious Reference Manual for Health Care Providers. She is also the author of the Cultural, Ethnic and Religious Book of Word Searches and Crossword Puzzles and the Cultural, Ethnic, and Religious Assessment Tests.

Ms. Andrews received a diploma in nursing from the Medical Center School of Nursing – Columbus, Georgia. She later earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Gardner Webb College – Boiling Springs, North Carolina and a Master of Science from the University of North Carolina – Greensboro. Her post-Master’s studies in transcultural nursing have been through the University of Northern Colorado – Greeley, Colorado. She holds a specialty certification in Transcultural Nursing.

Since 1978, Ms. Andrews has worked primarily in education and management roles in acute care settings. Her professional memberships include Sigma Theta Tau, The American Nurses’ Association, and The Transcultural Nursing Society. She is the founder and President of JAMARDA Resources, Inc. where she focuses her professional activities in diversity and transcultural nursing lectures, seminars and workshops.



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