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CER_LogoWelcome to JAMARDA Resources! We are a privately-owned company established in 1997. We are dedicated to offering education related to transcultural principles and diversity issues. Please browse our site and contact us if we can assist you with your diversity and transcultural needs.



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nurse_shareWe would love to hear from you about strategies in culture care that have worked for you. Send us an email or share your experiences on our Facebook or Twitter page. Your strategy may be selected to share on our Web page!


Featured Cultural Diversity Workshop

asian_pregnant_lady_smCulturally Congruent Care in the Maternal-Child Setting

Session includes an in-depth discussion of cultural issues surrounding pregnancy, delivery and post-partum. Strategies are offered to provide culturally appropriate care and support to the mother and family.


Did you know?

Seventh-Day Adventistsfresh_veggies_sm       

Generally, the Church encourages a vegetarian diet. However, some members choose to be non-vegetarians. If non-vegetarians consume meat, it must be derived from an animal that both chews his cud and has a cloven hoof, such as cows, sheep, goats, etc. Chicken, turkey, and fish with fins and scales are acceptable foods.


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